Daily Point of Light # 2908 Mar 29, 2005

Margaret McGlynn has the quiet humility and confidence of a leader who leads by consistent example. She is a remarkable young woman, who literally change peoples lives and in so doing makes the most difficult tasks appear natural.

For example, while volunteering at the Don Bosco Children’s center, she met a young abused boy named Charlie. Because of the abuse Charlie had turned within himself and could not be reached. Margaret combined her love of animals with her compassion for Charlie and taught Charlie how to love by teaching him how to train dogs. This effort changed Charlie’s life.

Margaret’s commitment to others is not limited to her consistent work at the Don Bosco Children’s center. If there is a job to be done, Margaret is there without having to be asked. Margaret helped collect over 2,000 books for the Smith Lake Elementary School in Smith Lake New Mexico because she and her sister heard of the school’s need for books. Margaret has a love for reading fostered by her parents, and spontaneously was moved with her Sister to provide books to those who had none.

Margaret has made community service a seamless part of a life filled with both scholarly excellence and athletic achievement. She is ranked first is her High School class of 181 and earned a letter in Junior Varsity Soccer. Indeed, her days at school are also filled with activities including the school newspaper, the school play and library to name but few.

Margaret is community leader not because her parents want her to be, but rather because she thinks that this is the best way to live the Gospel of Life that she has learned from her parents. This is not something, however, that Margaret would ever say herself. When I asked why she does so many things she simply smiled and went about her work. That is Margaret-quiet and consistent care for others under taken with great humility.

Margaret is one of those rare points of light who leads and inspire others. She exemplifies all that is good about today’s youth. She is a normal teen who has chosen to live the teaching of the Gospel that we are happier when we give that when we receive.