Mariam Todd

Daily Point of Light # 3870 Dec 3, 2008

Mariam enjoyed a happy childhood and her family life provided the opportunity to learn to give back to the community from an early age. This is a trait that Mariam has kept to this day. Mariam's life has been devoted to the service of others and the focus of most of her service has been children and faith-based.

From an early age, Mariam has been exposed to the spiritual experience and has been a very active participant in events of the church. Stanton Presbyterian Church is the place that Mariam now devotes her volunteer time to. Mariam sings in the choir and also works with the children's church ministry. In addition, Mariam is a trustee in the church and has served as the director of their Vacation Bible School for the past three years.

In addition, Mariam's concern for children has affected her career choice. She attended Eastern Kentucky University to become an elementary school teacher. During the day her career is to teach children; however, her time after hours is spent continuing to enrich the lives of children.

Mariam has been an active part in Stanton Presbyterian Church. From her volunteer duties as a choir member to the director of Vacation Bible School, Mariam has enabled important aspects of the church to be organized and effective ways to reach other community members. In addition, Mariam continues to nurture children during her after-hours as a teacher. Mariam also volunteers at the Stanton Food Bank. At the food bank, Mariam is responsible for stuffing grocery bags with food for the needs. During the school year, Mariam stuffs several back packs with food for needy students at her school to take home each weekend. The students are then able to return empty back packs the next week to be filled for the following weekend. Without these staples the children and their families would be hungry during the weekend.

Mariam is a dedicated constant volunteer. What she does my not be innovative; however, in today's society it is unique that someone would continue to give of themselves year after year to help others. Mariam has taken the principals she learned as a child and continued to use them in her everyday life to affect change for others.