Marie Hartman

Daily Point of Light # 1201 Sep 10, 1998

After leaving the Houston area and returning to a family farm in Anderson, TX, Marie Hartman decided to volunteer in the Brazos Valley area. Upon completion of a training class, Ms. Hartman began what has become a 6-year relationship with Hospice of Brazos Valley.

Ms. Hartman, who had a history of volunteer experience, arrived with a wealth of ideas. She began serving patients in a rural part of Texas with round trip mileage often totaling more than 90 miles. Ms. Hartman has provided respite care, books to patients too remote to visit a library, and food and clothing to those in need. In some cases, she has been the only visitor willing to drive out to the home of a patient for tea and companionship. Because of her willingness to travel to remote areas, Ms. Hartman has been assigned to as many as three families at a time.

Ms. Hartman is also a thriving force behind the Hospice Mart, a resale/thrift shop. After three years of investigations and research, Ms. Hartman turned the idea into reality. She started by looking for, and renovating, a building for the shop. Once that was found, the 70 year-old Ms. Hartman worked tirelessly to see it renovated and opened, even going as far as tearing out a blocked door with a fire tool when others were unwilling to try.

In addition to her other work with Hospice of Brazos Valley she has allowed the use of her farm for the bereavement camp that Hospice of Brazos Valley hosts for children each year.