Daily Point of Light # 2572 Dec 15, 2003

Marie Tryon has been serving as a volunteer for Ogden City Fire Department in excess of eight years. Annually she volunteers more than 200 hours with the organization. She uses her skills and abilities to help educate the residents of Ogden.

Tryon is instrumental in the writing, music and production of scripts for the public education programs. These programs are geared toward elementary children from kindergarten to 6th grade. The Fire Department visits more than 17 elementary schools. They reach approximately 10,000 to 12,000 children during the school year. Tryon teaches the message of fire and life safety.

Tryon’s involvement in the educational program is directly impacting the community. Because of the fire and safety presentations, the number of juvenile arsons in the Ogden area has been reduced by more than 70% over the past nine years. She has helped develop new ideas to keep the children interested and continue to teach them about safety.

As a result of the time Tryon has volunteered, the Fire Department has received two grants from Kimberly Clark. The $1,000 grant has helped the department obtain a better sound system, props, puppets and clothing for the clowns.

Tryon is an integral part of the Ogden City Fire Department’s public education program. As a result of her volunteering, they are able to produce the quality show they provide because they do not have a budget to pay someone for the amount of time that is spent with this program. During the last eight years, Tryon has donated more than $24,000 of her time.