Daily Point of Light # 2465 Jul 17, 2003

Marietta Goines has been feeding the needy of Preston County for nearly 20 years. Goines did this alone for several years initially; however, recently her sister also became involved. Goines’ sister has reached out to the Preston County Inn, and they, too became a part of the solution in Preston County. The Inn provided the food and a facility to have dinner. Goines then moved the cooking and feeding to the Preston County Country Club. They now have space at the church “Love Chapel” to continue to feed those in need.

Goines enjoys cooking for her community. After working for the Headstart program at Howesville, she saw how many families were in need in the community. This resulted in her decision to serve meals during the holiday season. Goines began her annual meal for the community during the early 1980’s, and she is continuing today. Unfortunately each year there are still so many in need that the event has grown.

In addition to the annual Thanksgiving Dinner, Goines has also brought another program to the community to meet the need of struggling families. In August of 2002, the BLO Food Share dissolved; but Goines quickly organized a community effort to keep the program running. She and other volunteers organized monthly sign-ups and distributions of food. Participants give two hours of community service and $17 in cash or food stamps and they get $30 – $35 worth of wholesome food.

Goines also established The Love Way Food Pantry. Camp Galilee work group started working on a building and made a project out of the food pantry. Other people in the community have given support and now Goines’ vision of The Love Way Food Pantry is a reality. She now also works at The Love Way Food Pantry and enlists the help of anyone else who will share their time to serve others.