Marilyn Morris

Daily Point of Light # 1114 May 12, 1998

In 1981, Marilyn Morris started Youth Crime Watch in Broward County, Florida to challenge students to get involved to reverse peer pressure and instill a spirit of pride in their school.

Due to Mrs. Morris' efforts, the program, which started with four pilot schools, has expanded to over 100 schools in Broward County with 10,000 student volunteers. In a recent survey ninety-six percent of the students involved reported that the program was making a difference in their schools.

Youth Crime Watch of America, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing Youth Crime Watch programs in schools across the United States and in other countries. Youth Crime Watch gives youngsters the tools and guidance necessary to actively reduce crime and drug use in their schools.

According to Youth Crime Watch Advisors in Broward County the program has improved student self-esteem and pride in addition to creating a safer school environment.

Eleven years ago, Youth Crime Watch of America presented the first national Crime Prevention Conference. Marilyn Morris has been an integral part of the conference since the beginning and she continues to be involved in its planning.

As a member of the conference planning committee, she has been responsible for selecting speakers and workshop topics and acting as a facilitator and moderator during conference sessions. For the past several years, she has trained and supervised all the moderators, oversaw lunches for 1,500 people and acted as a troubleshooter during conferences.