Marion Weber

Daily Point of Light # 3829 Oct 7, 2008

Marion Weber is a volunteer who delivers mail to patients at Skyline Medical Center. She has the brightest, cheeriest voice and loves to brighten people’s lives by popping into their room with the announcement, “I have mail for you!”

Her smile is so engaging and it is obvious how much she loves delivering these little letters of sunshine to our patients. When a patient has gone home and she must forward their mail she works with such tenacity to find the patient’s “real” name, or locate an address that is not in the system or is incorrect. It is very important to her that each card reaches the patient for whom it was intended.

Marion has been a volunteer for 33 years and she is one of the most dependable volunteers at the Skyline Medical Center. She recently turned 95 years old, but has the mind, spirit and attitude of someone much younger. On days when other volunteers are unwilling to come in due to weather threats, Marion still shows up. When other volunteers are sick and need a substitute, Marion will always come in. Marion has spunk, spirit and a giving heart. She is an incredibly dedicated, loyal volunteer. In addition to her work for Skyline Medical Center, she volunteers at her church two days a week. In the past year she has taken on a new project of making tray angels for our patients and has enlisted six others from her church to assist her with this monumental project. She is an incredibly dedicated volunteer.

No one can spend time around Marion and not be uplifted. She never complains, is always willing to do more than her share, never engages in gossip, and always has something positive to say. Being around her is like sitting in sunshine. Volunteers and staff alike just “love” her. Marion is incredibly modest, humble and unassuming. She quietly goes about her job and is just not the type to seek the limelight. At the same time, she treats her volunteer “job” as if it were the most important thing she could do.