Daily Point of Light # 2750 Aug 19, 2004

The educational goal of the Nibley Park Elementary School is to improve math and reading scores. At this school, Marshall Brinton supports one of the teachers by helping struggling students in math. He works with small groups or individuals who are having a hard time with a math concept. He enjoys the challenge of finding a new way to present the problem so the child can better understand the concept. He also helps children read. He is constantly contributing information to add depth to the stories being read.

Mr. Brinton also enjoys challenging the bright students who finish their work early. He will bring problems or riddles from home to further challenge them. Every Monday and Wednesday morning, the class looks forward to the problem or riddle Mr. Brinton has written on the board. He also shared funny stories that bring smiles to the students’ faces.

Mr. Brinton brings enthusiasm and a love for learning to the classroom. He has often said that if he is not making a difference and helping he does not want to be there. He does not want to be given just “busy work.” He is genuinely concerned about the students and helping them to learn.

Mr. Brinton has a business background, owning an electric company, and his strength is in math. Five years ago, Mr. Brinton had a heart attack and had five bypass surgeries. At the age of 81, many did not expect him to return to the classroom. However, as soon as he was able, he returned to school to help students. He has even volunteered to tutor students during the summer months.

Mr. Brinton serves as a mentor to the students as well. He spends time at recess talking to the children one-on-one about their problems or interests. He builds self-confidence in the students and encourages them to do work that they never thought they could do.

In the school computer lab, there are headsets that the students constantly break. Mr. Brinton volunteered to take all the headsets home and fixed them so that the students could use them again. He has also attended after school programs such as the Books and Brownies Night in which students read to their parents or guardians. Mr. Brinton read with the students who didn’t have anyone to read to them and helped in any capacity where he was needed.