Martin Counterman

Daily Point of Light # 3243 Jul 11, 2006

Chaplain Counterman is a fixture in the Port Charlotte, FL community. He has served in numerous capacities in many civic and nonprofit organizations and is always willing to lend a hand.

When the hurricane season hit hard, he found another opportunity to serve and immediately went to work after Charley had struck Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte area. He coordinated and delivered personally a truckload of disaster relief supplies to the reserve officer's needing them. Items included chainsaws, gloves, tarps, safety equipment, food, water, snacks etc. Chaplain Counterman also visited with residents of a severely damaged mobile home park in Punta Gorda providing both physical and spiritual comfort.

He returned the following day to the same area to go lot by lot passing out water to elderly residents clearing debris. He also spent time at one of the comfort stations providing a listening ear and spiritual assistance where needed. He also manned the stations phones to give regular workers a break. One particular day Chaplain Counterman was getting ready to depart for the day when a person came in with an address and a request for a "Check on the Well Being" of an elderly couple. No one was available to do this so Chaplain Counterman Volunteered and immediately departed to the area.

Disaster Relief Benefits received by the many reserve officers who were already volunteering their time and efforts included the personally delivered materials to their homes or to their patrol cars where they were working. Benefits to the community included distribution of supplies and spiritual comfort given as well as assisting them to receive the assistance available from other agencies. Chaplain counterman assisted in locating families who did not have contact with her relatives and assisted them in making the contact.

Chaplain Counterman is disabled and in a wheelchair. He does not let his disability deter him from his concern and care of others. Despite being a victim of the hurricane himself, he placed the needs of others before his own. Chaplain Counterman has been involved in many different volunteer organizations in his life. American Red Cross, Charlotte County Sheriff's Reserve Unit Road Patrol, Police Reserve Association of Florida Chaplain (PRAF), Florida Southern Baptist Disaster Response Chaplain, AWANA Youth Organization, International, Police Officers for Christ International (POFCI).

His desire to help others is what sets this man apart from the rest. Despite his disabilities and illnesses he continues to care for others.