Marvin Wiedeman Jr.

Daily Point of Light # 3833 Oct 13, 2008

Marvin Wiedeman is an outstanding volunteer for Douglas County, KS Emergency Management, who has provided volunteer services throughout Douglas County for 30+ years. Marvin is fulfilled doing a job to the best of his ability, assisting others and not expecting anything in return!

Mr. Wiedeman is a dedicated Douglas County Skywarn member. In and out of severe weather season, Marvin is prepared to respond when the call is sounded for trained storm spotters. He braves the hazardous weather and reports pertinent information when severe weather threatens in order to provide an on-scene account to the National Weather Service and DCEM allowing for better informed decisions. Marvin’s responsibilities go beyond just field work; he also supports the operations of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during severe weather as the Field Net Controller for all Douglas County Skywarn members. After hours when the volunteers are activated, Marvin coordinates the efforts of other volunteers by sending storm spotters to designated locations and gathering the initial reports until the duty officer or emergency manager can open the EOC. He ends the activation by ensuring that all Skywarn members enter the city safely.

As if Skywarn wasn’t enough, Marvin wanted to do more! Marvin enrolled and completed the nationally certified 28-hour Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) course that teaches individuals to function as a member of a team to perform essential life safety actions while awaiting the arrival of professional emergency first responders. CERT is a positive and realistic approach to emergency situations where ordinary citizens will initially be on their own, and where there actions can make a difference. Through this training, individuals can manage utilities, put out small fires, provide basic medical aid, search for and rescue victims safely, and organize spontaneous volunteers.

After being a team member, Marvin decided to take additional training so he could be a CERT Instructor. Marvin plays a vital role in the success of the CERT training provided by Douglas County Emergency Management (DCEM). He ensures the CERT trailer is always fully stocked, organized and standing by not only for the training but for any emergency or disaster situation. His other main responsibility for the CERT trailer is transporting it wherever it is needed. Marvin has assisted the community by using his CERT skills in communitywide events such as the Wakarusa Music Festival, Maple Leaf Festival, Hazardous Materials incidents and Search and Rescue operations under Douglas County Emergency Management.

Through his selfless volunteerism Marvin not only contributes to the preparedness and education of the cities and citizens of Douglas County but also aids in the response of the Mobile Command Vehicle (MCV) during emergency situations, training requests and community awareness programs. Marvin remains dedicated to the care and maintenance of the MCV for he understands the exceeding importance of the availability of the MCV to the first responders and the public.

Marvin, throughout his exceptional 30+ years of volunteerism for Douglas County Emergency Management, remains passionate and is continuously willing to give his time and talents to serve the cities and citizens of Douglas County in his “free time” as Marvin works a full-time and part-time job.