Mary Ferguson

Daily Point of Light # 3941 Mar 12, 2009

Please read an inspiring volunteer story about Mary Ferguson, RN.:

“Ms. Mary Doris Ferguson, RN, a resident of our lovely city of Chesapeake, lives in and cares for our community with such a big heart! Ms. Ferguson has been a Chesapeake resident and a nurse for 48 years and is a very involved member of our community. After the disasters of 9/11, President Bush challenged all Americans to volunteer in support of our country. The Medical Reserve Corps started as a “call to action” for Americans to volunteer—Ms. Ferguson responded.

Giving of her time and talents is not new to Ms. Ferguson—her volunteer roles are many and diverse. A versatile individual with many interests, she volunteers with the Chesapeake Master Gardeners, the Butterfly Society of Virginia, Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, Chesapeake Regional Medical Center Auxiliary and the Chesapeake Medical Reserve Corps. Her assignments range from providing public education about plants, butterflies and their food and habitats; administering flu shots and health risk appraisals; staffing the front desk at the hospital; registering volunteers; assisting the Chesapeake Health Department in assigning staff for a “Full Scale Exercise for a Bioterrorism Attack.” She recently responded to an urgent impromptu request and provided Executive Assistant support to the Chesapeake City Manager’s office.

Ms. Ferguson is truly proud of the CMRC unit and is an exemplary recruiter for new members. She continually speaks and reaches out to colleagues, friends and family members about the importance of the role of the Chesapeake Medical Reserve Corps as a recognized asset in our fair city. She is an extremely committed individual, action oriented and cares very much how she performs her duties. Ms. Ferguson continues to be a very productive member and strong leader in the unit, no matter how large or small the assignment and has attracted long standing members to continue to be engaged and strongly support the mission of the Chesapeake Medical Reserve Corps of Emergency Preparedness and Response and Public Health support! She was instrumental in the CMRC unit receiving the City’s Proclamation for “Chesapeake Medical Reserve Corps Day” on April 30, 2008. This was a “first” for Chesapeake and Virginia!”