Mary Hall

Daily Point of Light # 1393 Jun 7, 1999

Mary Hall manages an outreach office for Baby Find, located in M.A.S.H. Village, a homeless shelter in Las Vegas. The office opened in August of 1998 to serve homeless infants and children, many of whom live on the streets or in cars. Baby Find offers services that are not available anywhere else in the area. From this office, Mary distributes, free of charge, formula, bottled water, Playtex disposable bottles, diapers, baby wipes, zinc oxide (for rash and sun block aide), prenatal vitamins, sanitary napkins for homeless women, juice and snacks for older children, bus tokens, vitamins, blankets and weather appropriate clothing for infants and children of all ages.

Mary offers support and guidance to homeless parents and also gives community referrals. In addition to managing the outreach office, Mary has six long term non-homeless clients that she visits on weekends. Her six clients are young, mothers-to-be who need long term mentoring. Committed to reducing infant mortality, Mary works directly with women who may purchase narcotics rather than care for their babies.

Mary is an amputee with only one leg, but is determined to overcome her many challenges. It takes her two or three hours to commute via bus to and from the Baby Find office each day and she always works 40 hours per week.

Mary is committed in every sense, to improve the quality of life for these children. She selflessly sacrifices to advocate on their behalf. Mary is an extraordinary woman who is admired by all with whom she comes in contact.