Maryella Morley

Daily Point of Light # 4332 Sep 14, 2010

Maryella Morley is a volunteer who assists women in transition. She helps women achieve goals in various fields, including higher education, career advancement, financial self-sufficiency, and small business ownership.
She addresses a very important community need. By assisting women with decreased life and social skills, lack of education, and underemployed circumstances, she has helped them achieve their own goals to provide not only for themselves but also for their families.
Maryella meets with two women per month and communicates with them via phone and email, too. She serves as their accountability coach and supportive partner. She mentors in both individual and group settings.
By helping women access and finish educational programs, she changed and improved their job environments, thus ultimately helping them gain financial self-sufficiency. The women credit their success to Maryella’s encouragement, assistance, and accountablity coaching.
Maryella continues her volunteer work with Fresh Start. She has shared her story with other women in the community. By doing so, she has helped advertise the mentoring program and obtain more volunteers to help the women. She plans to increase the number of public presentations for this cause.