Matthew Nalywaiko

Daily Point of Light # 5260 Jul 14, 2014

Struggling single mothers sometimes need an extra hand. They do so much to provide for their families, but often things such as a leaky sink or overflowing gutters get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Matthew Nalywaiko firmly believes in the idea that you don’t need to much to have huge impact on someone’s life. That is why he started the organization Serve A Little which pairs volunteer handy-men and women, mechanics, and construction workers with single mothers to complete the odd jobs these women might not have time to get to. These seemingly simple tasks greatly alleviate the stress that can surround a single-parent home. Thanks to Matthew, low-income single mothers who are either working, enrolled in job training programs, or attending school in order to further their education and secure employment can sleep a little easier knowing these problems have been taken care of at little to no cost.
Since its conception in 2009, Serve A Little has been working tirelessly to service over 200 single mothers and wives whose husbands are away serving in the military. Serve A Little is based on the idea that it’s just a matter of looking beyond your own world to see your ability to impact another person’s life. In a matter of hours a mechanic can repair a car, a lock can be replaced on someone’s front door, or a leaking shower can be fixed. As a population that often does not get the respect they deserve, single mothers could use a helping hand from time to time. Matthew, and his team of volunteers at Serve A Little, are proving this service to mothers who already provide so much for their families. By working to empower the working, low-income single mother and women whose partners are deployed elsewhere, Serve A Little is breaching the void in respect for these women. Matthew urges everyone to do their part, no matter how small, because we can never predict the impact our service can bring. Please support the mothers out there doing everything they can by supporting Serve A Little and their mission.

Dev Staff