Meredith Boyd

Daily Point of Light # 3611 Dec 6, 2007

A mentor's purpose is not to create individuals in her own image, but to develop young women who can create their own image.

Meredith Boyd was that gangly girl you remember from school. In her early teens she was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, which explained all of the pain she had been suffering. From these humble beginnings came the success story of today.

During working hours you will find her at William Mills Agency as a Group Director. Her makeup line does well and of course there is the occasional modeling stint on the runway and print media. A frequent guest columnist for Pageantry Magazine sharing her tips for communications, Meredith is also called upon to share much of her hair and makeup artistry.

Believe it or not she does have spare time so that she can give back much of what she has received in support and encouragement to others in need.

This national spokesperson for the Arthritis Foundation goes above and beyond when you find her coaching at the Special Olympics or spreading cheer at the Ronald McDonald House. This veteran of many surgeries can also be found at hospital holding a hand, flashing a smile, consoling a family member, bringing something to eat for those too stressed out to leave a bedside.

Other times she is there for the little girl with the eating disorder, bad self-image, and others in need. She tells everyone, “Be your best self. Create your own image, the others are taken. It takes hard work, persistence and dedication to achieve your goals, but most of all it takes support. I am just so happy to be able to help someone find their way to their dreams.”

She has helped many become active voices locally through the national arena, volunteering and taking leadership positions within and out of their community.