Michael Francis

Daily Point of Light # 4788 Jun 14, 2012

Micheal Francis, Blackhawk Fornelli, Ed Summerfield, Nick and Lindsey Prewitt, Jason Martin, Jim and Rose Andrew, Tom Lester, Gwen Glatthorn, Virgina Jenks and Vickie Desourdy are all team members of the Greater Pamlico American Red Cross As volunteers, they provide immediate assitance, food, shelter, clothins, information and counseling to victims of natural disasters.

During Hurricane Irene, only 13 local individuals were on scene to provide assistance for three days before any out-of-town assistance was available. Thirteen people, many who were also experiencing hardships after the hurricane, cared for hundreds of people who had lost their homes and had nowhere to turn. More than 680 people were cared for with safe shelter, food, water, blankets, information and more.
These volunteers went above and beyond what is expected of the average Red Cross volunteers. The volunteers worked without complaining and worked for weeks afterwards providing clean-up kits and supplies. More than 25 percent were first-time volunteers and are still active today. Their devotion their community and neighbors is what makes them Daily Points of Light.