Michelle Tschudy

Daily Point of Light # 3655 Feb 6, 2008

Michelle Tschudy and her golden retriever dog "Boo" have donated countless hours to visit patients at Exempla Good Samaritan hospital in Lafayette, CO. Michelle’s dog received a Delta Society certification to assist patients in the hospital. Michelle and Boo volunteer after work every other week at the hospital for the Animal Assisted Therapy volunteer program. Michelle sees all sorts of people in need, whether it be in the intensive care unit, imaging, pediatrics or emergency room.

Animal Assisted Therapy allows a patient to stop worrying about their health and gain comfort from an animal. It has proven to lower blood pressure and increase healing. In Michelle’s words, "Often times, when we conduct our visits some of the patients have been waiting all day to see us. They are so appreciative it’s truly amazing. It’s a small amount of time out of our day to help make someone in need feel a little better. It’s our way of giving back to the community." Michelle and Boo have volunteered over 100 hours for three fulfilling years of service. Michelle and Boo also received an honorable mention award in 2006 through Delta Society for making a difference with their volunteering service