Daily Point of Light # 2849 Jan 5, 2005

The Volunteer Center of Manatee County established a Volunteer Reception Center in Arcadia, Florida one day after Hurricane Charley ravaged the area. They operate 7 days a week, registering thousands of volunteers who are doing amazing and generous tasks to assist residents impacted by the storm.

Mike Consentino is a roofer from Sarasota, Florida. He registered to volunteer during the first day of their operation. Since that date, he has spent an average of 8 to 10 hours a day to help fulfill more than 50 residents’ request for temporary and permanent roof repair.

Daily Consentino drives 140 miles round trip. He arrives with his dog Money at the tent outside of Wal-Mart ready to work. There he looks for the requests from the elderly and low-income DeSoto County residents who are awaiting insurance adjustors and/or have no insurance to make the necessary repairs.

Consentino exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism. He shares his time, skills and talents with those most in need when they need him most. He is an inspiration to all and the benefits of his commitment increase each day. He has already repaired more than 50 roofs at homes and churches and relieved the stress of an excess of 100elderly and low-income residents whose lives were forever changed on August 14, 2004 as Hurricane Charley devastated De Soto County.

Consentino embodies the compassion, commitment and philanthropic spirit of a volunteer. He has a genuine desire to help those who are less fortunate.