Daily Point of Light # 2867 Jan 31, 2005

Mildred Folkvard is a tireless and dedicated senior citizen, who despite her advanced age of 84, is a constant volunteer in our elementary school. She comes in early in the morning and works throughout the day to help with whatever tasks she is asked to do, never taking a break or watching the clock. Despite reassurances that “there is always tomorrow and it does not have to be done today” she plugs away at each task and is not happy with leaving anything incomplete. Her energy is amazing for anyone, regardless of age.

Mildred copies our school’s monthly 12-14 page newsletter all on her own each and every month of the school year. This takes, on average, three of more hours straight to complete. She deals with the frustration of paper jams, constant interruption, and anything else that comes her way during the process, never giving up on the job.

Mildred helps in our school office with anything that is given to her, such as running copies, folding papers, cutting out, stamping, and any office task that come about. She does this for our staff as well.

While she is in the office, Mildred seem to often end up conversing with students that may be in the office for a little “time out” from minor situations. She seems to gravitate toward them, and they toward her. Her influence is immense. Mildred is a true role model who, even though she likes to think of herself as a little gruff, is a grandmotherly type who clearly loves children very much. An “atta boy” from Mildred is worth a million bucks!

Mildred stands by the front door and greets the hundreds of children who walk through our school’s doors each morning. She always has a smile and a good word for everyone. She and the hallway assistant make it a point to greet every child and to have a conversation with many. Our children have a wonderful way to start the day.

Mildred is an inspiration to all of us. While the services of senior citizens like Mildred may sometimes be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of today’s society, they are not overlooked in our school. She is a much-loved addition to our school and a wonderful influence in the lives of our children and staff. We are truly blessed that she has chosen our school and our children to help.

Besides all she does in our school, she is also depended on heavily by her family. She provides child care on a daily basis and is always open and ready for the family to use her expertise.

One last note: in 2002, a White House presenter, Mr. Bill Osborne, came to our school to present the President’s Student Service/Volunteer Awards and immediately took notice of Mildred. It was he who brought to our attention that Mildred Folkvard is, in his words, “an exact example of a Point of Light.”