Mina Park

Daily Point of Light # 3716 May 1, 2008

Mina Park is a Morgan Hill High School student and president of her school's California Scholarship Federation Club. In 2006, Mina contacted the city's Public Works Department asking how she and her club could help the city. Like most cities, Morgan Hill's Streets & Parks Division has a large amount of work to accomplish with a small staff so volunteers make a difference.

Over the past three years, Mina has organized and led numerous clean up and improvement projects in Morgan Hill's parks and streets. Mina and other students have picked up litter; spread wood chips, raked leaves, trimmed shrubs, planted bulbs and trees. The students recently installed three hundred storm drain labels on street curbs as part of the city's storm water pollution prevention program.

Not only has Mina led more projects than any other student but she is also the most organized and consistent volunteer. She is able to take charge of a group of disorganized students, focus everyone on the task at hand, encourage and lead them to completion of the project.