Daily Point of Light # 2874 Feb 9, 2005

There is a couple in the Harrodsburg community that continuously volunteer and sacrifice their own time and finances to help others. This couple is Mark and Mary Gray. Many times they work as individuals on various projects, but the last two years have increased their level commitment and service by starting a food ministry.

The “Garden of Good Eatin’” is a special food trailer that arrives at predetermined sites providing lunch, dinner and treats for various groups at no charge. The food trailer is designed to enhance any community activity by being a drawing card for entire families to come and enjoy whatever program is being presented. It is especially helpful in areas where it is known that the children and their families are needy. Along with the food trailer the Grays have committed virtually every single weekend and some weekdays all summer to providing these free services. Again, all costs are absorbed by the Grays and they steadfastly refuse donations towards their efforts. It is a true labor of love.

Another aspect with the Grays is particularly worthy of praise. They always use young people to assist in the food trailer and as helpers on the side. There are teenagers who have learned that serving others is not only rewarding, but fun as well. These young people now have special T-shirts setting them apart as workers. They wear them with pride.

Volunteerism, good citizenship and character development are all being fostered by the “Garden of Good Eatin’”. We hope that more people will not only recognize this level of service, but will be encouraged to go and do likewise.