Daily Point of Light # 2934 May 4, 2005

Murray Kamens has been an advocate for the disabled in the Fort Collins Community for over 8 years. He is always available to assist those in need. Along with the Disabled Resource Services, he has maintained the loan closed, which provides mobility equipment to the disabled, most of the time delivering the equipment himself to the people in need. Many times he has gone to homes to access what they need to make their homes accessible to them. Then finding people to help do the work. In Spite of his own mobility problems, breathing problems and diabetic neuropathy. He leads his life with humor and a big heart.

Murray who has respiratory and mobility problems, said he enjoys helping other people with disabilities. He received both the Volunteer of the Year and the Dorothy Lasley Memorial Award, which goes to a person with a disability who works to raise awareness of people with disabilities and increase their quality of life.

He garnered the nominations and awards for his work with Disabled Resource Center where he has been volunteering for eight years, including six years of the Board of Directors. The organization specializes in employment counseling and job placement. They also lend equipment such as wheelchair ramps and hospital beds for people with disabilities. Kamens does a variety of work as a volunteer with the nonprofit, including helping people with disabilities make their homes more accessible, transporting people and equipment and matching up people with disabilities with those who can help them with household chores and repairs.

“I’m not doing this for recognition,” Kamens said. “But it is an honor to be recognized.” He said, he likes to help people get along easier in life. He found out the hard way. “I’ve gone through it for many years, and I know what its like. I don’t want anybody else to have to go through what I did.” Murray says. Along with assisting others, Murray is a caregiver, advocate and a loving husband to his wife of 32 years.