Musselman High School Watershed Environmental Team

Daily Point of Light # 5213 May 8, 2014

Musselman High School Watershed Environmental Team (Wet) consists of a group of students working together on environmental projects for their high school and the community of Inwood, West Virginia.

Currently, the two issues affecting the Chesapeake Bay area are the excess quantities of nutrients from fertilizers and excess amount of sediment. An excess amount of fertilizer can give rise to algal blooms; excess quantities of sediment make water more turbid, stunting underwater plant growth. WET members work with community partners to mitigate storm water runoff through a host of environmental projects. These projects include installing a green roof, a low-mow area, a rain garden, two raised beds, and an enhanced wetland. The rain garden and enhanced wetland capture water and reduce the amount of nutrients and sediment runoff, and the raised beds both grow native and food plants.

Dev Staff