Natasha Colkmire

Daily Point of Light # 4811 Jul 17, 2012

On April 27, 2011 the small town of Ringgold, Ga. was torn apart by an F-4 tornado. Natasha Colkmire and her family came face to face with the large storm and braced themselves for impact beneath the crawl space of their house, praying for their own safety and the safety of their neighbors.

When the storm finally passed and Colkmire’s family assessed the damage they saw in their community it was like nothing they had ever seen before. Even though their house was still intact, their community was mangled as if it was just a piece of paper that had been balled up and thrown away. The next few days, weeks and months were completely devoted to restoring their community. They helped cut down trees, remove debris, provide warm meals and pray for the emotional and physical healings of their neighbors and friends. Colkmire believes you can always find something good out of the bad and that’s what her community did following the devestating tornados.