National Volunteer Week Honoree–Mitchell Arnold

Daily Point of Light # 3445 Apr 18, 2007

Mitchell Arnold started PEACE IS THE GOAL as a goodwill initiative in 2006. His initiative aims to make the world a better place to live by spreading the message of peace and giving through "the world's game:" soccer. PEACE IS THE GOAL provides soccer equipment to kids in needy and troubled areas of the world.

For his first focus project, Mitchell purchased and shipped 36 soccer balls, plus ball pumps and storage gear to the Institution Universe School in Oquanaminthe, Haiti. Mitchell used his own money to fund the project. The school, created in 1994 to address the educational crisis of Oquanaminthe, has a current enrollment of 1,400 students. The much-needed equipment is being utilized in physical education, recreational and team-formation activities.

"Thank you very much for your support of this vital ministry," wrote school liaison Mike Pieper after receiving the supplies, "These kids at Institution Universe do not have much, but soccer is one thing they can all enjoy. Mitch, your generosity and haring of your gifts at your young age is remarkable."

Mitchell recently completed a second project where he purchased and shipped soccer balls and gear to La Vega School in La Vega, the Dominican republic. Again, he oversaw the project and obtained no outside financial help. The supplies are going to a school that caters to very poor families. These schools acknowledge that physical activity and team-building not only improve the children's health and self-esteem, but provide them with a positive outlet.