Daily Point of Light # 2891 Mar 4, 2005

Nicki Kartozian is an asset to the Community Services Council. She has been a volunteer with LifeCare Bank’s Friends Program since July 2003, and has also helped at the Utah Food Bank. Her enthusiasm, work ethic, and positive attitude have been exceptional. Currently she serves as a friend to Rita Cravens, one of our elderly and legally blind clients. Rita has called several times to thank us for Nicki’s services and refers to Nicki as a true “blessing”. Nicki does not have a car, however, she rides Trax and her bike in order to help Rita. They go grocery shopping, play games, and Nicki simply serves as Rita’s companion. These simple activities are the most meaningful for our elderly and disabled clients.

Many of our clients describe the toughest part of their situations as being lonely. As I listen to our staff do intake, it is apparent that these clients simply miss having someone to talk to and share stories with. Nicki eases Rita’s loneliness with phone calls and visits. Nicki’s contribution to Rita and the Community Service Council serves as an example to everyone in the community. This type of commitment to Rita, and Nicki’s volunteerism is the foundation of our mission statement here at Community Service Council as we attempt to “build caring communities through providing basic needs.” After all, what is more basic than having a friend?

In addition to providing Rita with weekly visits, Nicki came to the rescue of the Utah Food Bank. We had a group of volunteers cancel last minute for our annual Kids Café Dinner, which serves over 400 children. The first person we called was Nicki and she managed to gather all of her friends and her mother in order to make the night a success. We could not have accomplished this without her, and her willingness to serve is amazing. She has asked me to fax a copy of her background check to at least two other non-profit organizations. This request demonstrates that Nicki provides service not only here at CSC, but at additional agencies in the community. Volunteers like Nicki are the heart of non-profit organizations and as Rita described, a true “blessing.”

Nicki’s altruism is amazing and she clearly demonstrates that an individual’s actions can make a huge difference in another person’s life. Nicki is a student, volunteer, and outstanding member of our community, which is why she is recommended for the Silver Bowl Award.