Daily Point of Light # 2168 May 27, 2002

In her present position as Associate State Coordinator for Community Operations (ASCCO) for West Los Angeles County, Nita Jones has consistently demonstrated the skills, sensitivity, creativity and insight AARP California seeks in its community leaders.

Jones worked for many years in the private sector as an accountant. She spent 10 years with Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) employed as an Administrative Assistant and Director. Since retiring in 1992, Jones has become a full time volunteer. Her energies are divided between Vermont Square United Methodist Church where she has been an active member for more than 20 years and AARP where she has been past president and Membership Chairperson of the Carson Chapter #3320. In addition to her current assignment as ASSCO for AARP, Jones along with her husband, Henderson, is involved with the California Congress of Seniors and the Retired Teamsters Association.

In her leadership role, Jones helps organize and recruit AARP volunteers for major events such as the Martin King Luther Day Parade, Fiesta Broadway, Tournament of Roses Float Viewing, and Modern Maturity Mall shows, to name a few. She continuously manages numerous community activities. Her resourcefulness resulted in successful partnerships with the Children’s Defense Fund and L.A. County for Public Benefits Outreach projects in East Los Angeles and with the National Association of Black Nurses during their national convention & health fair in South Central Los Angeles. She mobilizes large groups of volunteers who repeatedly provide the services and deliver the information needed to improve the quality of life for persons 50+, their families and caretakers. Examples include the L.A. Mayor’s Forum where volunteers from various AARP entities, such as 55 Alive, Tax Aide, and Chapters, including non-English speaking individuals dressed in their traditional cultural garbs, worked side by side and sent a message of integration, inclusion and acceptance.

During the past year, Jones interacted with 1) grassroots, political and religious leaders in the community, 2) city, county and state government officials, 3) local neighborhood groups, 4) service organizations and social change agencies. She has built a network of persons and groups that work in concert to make a difference for persons who live in the multi-cultured communities of her West Los Angeles County discipline. Her high work standards, strong people skills and sense of fairness are reasons she is well respected by volunteers, community partners and the staffs with whom she frequently participates.

Jones is a trusted and respected community volunteer because she is a good listener and keeps her promises. Her personal and timely communication helps volunteers, particularly multi-cultured groups of African Americans, Latinos, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and other ethnicities that make up the diverse communities of West Los Angeles County focus on a common vision, eagerly participate and have fun together. Bottom line, individuals in the community benefit because of Nita’s caring and accomplished leadership.