No Kill Advocacy Center

Daily Point of Light # 4704 Feb 17, 2012

The No Kill Advocacy Center (NKAC) is an inspirational, one-of-a-kind shelter that is unique for its unwavering commitment to ending the killing of healthy and treatable shelter pets.
In 2005, Nathan Winograd was hired as the new executive director and brought an immediate halt to the killing that had been rampant. The fearlessness of this organization and its director in the face of entrenchment and adversity is an inspiration. They do the right thing, even when it is difficult and when others would avoid it.
As a result of the NKAC’s work, there are now more than 25 No Kill communities in the nation, where 11 years ago, there were none. Because of the tireless efforts of the NKAC and its director, the No Kill movement is gaining attention in the mainstream media and there are many No Kill shelter reform efforts making progress. Many thousands of animals have already been saved and many human lives made better, either through pet adoption, the return of a lost pet or a positive work or inspiring volunteer experience, where once there would have been death and misery.
The NKAC has inspired many ordinary people to become extraordinary by fostering their leadership and empowering them to fight for positive changes in their communities. The No Kill movement has spread beyond the US to Australia and New Zealand and elsewhere because of the NKAC. That is what makes the No Kill Advocacy Center a Daily Point of Light.