Organized Women Boston GLOW

Daily Point of Light # 4780 Jun 4, 2012

For the past two years, 14 volunteer young professional women in Boston have gathered weekly in order to raise money for scholarships, provide leadership workshops and mentor 10 young women in Boston’s struggling school systems – resulting in more than 1,000 hours of service. In addition, they organized the annual IGNITE the NITE gala for Boston GLOW. More than 280 members of the Boston community came to the event to raise money for 10 scholarships for high school girls.
Their mentoring and support programs combat issues like teen pregnancy and high school drop outs, while providing financial and career guidance. They want to help young women realize their immense potential. The group also provides tangible funding and academic counseling in order for these young female leaders to make it through college.

In only one year, seven young women have received scholarships and mentors. In their second year, 10 young women will receive these same resources. These young women are back in school, attending college and beating homelessness. The women of Boston GLOW each spend approximately 15 hours a week making a difference in these young womens’ lives. This is what makes them Daily Points of Light.