Daily Point of Light # 2904 Mar 23, 2005

Ownly is the Pastor and CEO of Harvest Deliverance Center that operates a Food and Clothing pantry that is opened once a weeks as well as a soup kitchen that is also open once a week. There is no charge for the food, the clothes or the meals.

Many people coming for food have need for guidance or someone to listen to them. Quite often they come to the Pastor during the pantry times. It is because they recognize the love that he has for the people. He is willing to use his own time to help others. He does not hesitate to try and find agencies to help someone if it is outside the organization’s means to help. Many times he gives to people from his own packet when he has need of the money for himself.

At one time the homeless shelter was full almost all the time. Because of legal issues, the church attorney recommended to close the facility until such times we could do renovations to the building as well as hire people to be on site 24 hours a day. This is a project that has the pastor’s heart, and there are so many people coming to the Center for a place to stay. It was decided to get the program up and running again. This will be another project that will help people in the Carrier Mills area. May of those people have small children and they are sleeping in cars. Pastor Williams’ comment was, “we can’t allow this situation to continue without offering shelters. We must get the shelter open again.”

The Center gives toys away to the children that come through the food pantry and soup kitchen each Christmas. Usually there are around 300 new gifts given away. Many people contribute to this outreach program so the children have at least one gift.

He has personal relationship with the Lord and wants everyone to know it. He is not ashamed. He is the same every time you see him. He sees no color, he does not notice whether or not you are in a higher class of people than others. Unless he does not see you, he will never fail to greet you with excitement and gladness.

The youth of the surrounding area like to be with him and usually when school is out, as he is out and about doing whatever needs to be done; you will see his truck loaded with young people. Pastor Williams meets them where they are; he does not look or talk down to them. He talks to them and gives them his attention just as he does adults. He has a unique rapport with them.