Patricia Mitchell

Daily Point of Light # 1029 Jan 13, 1998

Pollution and the nation's ecological problems prompted Pat Mitchell, a mother and experienced teacher, to give up the security of a teaching job to take a leadership role in providing environmental education. She created Auntie Litter (anti-litter), a teaching concept meant to "do for the environment what Uncle Sam has done for patriotism."

Ms. Mitchell developed an educational curriculum and public education campaign, and after two years of preparation, brought the character, Auntie Litter, to life on Earth Day 1990. Clad in a blue, green and white, stars-and-stripes costume, Auntie Litter uses poetry, skits, song and rap music to spread her anti-litter message about the three earthly R's: reuse, reduce waste and recycle.

In addition to Auntie Litter, Ms. Mitchell has founded the nonprofit organization, Auntie Litter & U.S. Inc., which is dedicated to providing environmental education to the general public, particularly children. Two programs of the organization are The Pollution Patrol and Auntie Litter's Recycling Rescue. The Pollution Patrol is a children's chorus that travels and sings Auntie Litter songs with Ms. Mitchell at special events. "Auntie Litter's Recycling Rescue" is an environmental musical comedy.

Recently, the United States Postal Service – Central Illinois District teamed up with Auntie Litter in their "Destination…Education" school environmental program. The USPS developed and distributed an environmental school kit which included: Auntie Litter's video tape series, Auntie Litter's audio cassette and song book and other educational materials. The program was targeted at children in grades 3 through 5.

She has delivered her motivational program throughout the state of Alabama to more than 500,000 children and adults through live presentations. Numerous others have heard her message through radio interviews, television appearances, news articles and public service announcements.