Daily Point of Light # 2315 Dec 18, 2002

Paul Marion volunteers for Clermont County Habitat for Humanity (CCHFH) to help build simple, decent housing for Habitat partners families in need. Marion does more than pound some nails; three years ago, he accepted the role of site Manager to coordinate and direct CCHFH’s first corporate blitz build. He had to prepare the construction site, order materials, coordinate building inspections, oversee subcontractors, and manage 10-30 skilled and unskilled volunteers on any given day. All of this activity was scheduled for a two-week blitz build that ended with the family ready to move in following the House Dedication Ceremony. Since the initial blitz training, Marion has managed three new constructions, two complete rehabs, one refurbished home, and worked on TriState Habitat’s blitz builds in Lebanon and Northern Kentucky. Routinely, he recruits and trains other volunteers to build for the partner families as well, and goes out of his way to aid the families in other activities of daily living.

When Marion started volunteering for Clennont HFH the workers worked on Saturday and sometimes one evening a week in the summer months. Now there is a crew working every day at some site; this is because of Marion’s encouragement, leadership and his own desire to get more houses built.

Clermont HFH is twelve years old. Until the past few years they were able to build one or two houses a year, but with the help of Marion’s dedication and high performance they have been able to complete four houses this year. He has also given the feelings of dignity and pride of ownership to partner families. The elimination of substandard housing improves a community value system that empowers pride and self-determination. Stable housing has lead to a better living standard and improved educational achievement by the children of Habitat families.

Marion seeks no recognition for his service, and also now devotes six days a week to this Christian ministry. All of his time is devoted to the faithfulness of the ministry of HFH and gives freely of his skills in active listening, conflict resolution, consensus building and being a model for others to follow. Marion gives to Habitat for Humanity in so many different ways. After his retirement he was looking for a way to enrich his life and be useful to his community. He didn’t want to just stay home and watch television or go fishing. HFH has a goal of eliminating substandard housing and homelessness throughout the world and Marion is helping them do that in our community.