Pauline Lundgren

Daily Point of Light # 3745 Jun 11, 2008

Every week Pauline Lundgren comes to Time-Out Family Abuse Shelter to help the victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and their children. She greets families and visitors who come to the door, answers the phones and keeps the shelter clean, organized and running smoothly.

For the Birthday Calendar Fundraiser, Pauline helped by calling individuals for orders and delivering calendars. She has also spear headed the annual garage sale. Pauline recruited volunteers to help, organized the set up and breakdown and cashiered.

At Christmas time, she has put together presents so that residents may have a Merry Christmas despite the turmoil they are experiencing in their lives.

One very important fundraiser Pauline assists with is the "Back to School" picnic which Time-Out hosts every year. Clients and their children get invited to a school supply give-away and cookout. Most of the supplies are donated by individuals in the community but sometimes when there aren’t enough supplies, Pauline has bought supplies on her own to make up for this shortage.

She is on the board of Westlake Enterprises, a local workplace for developmentally or physically disabled adults to work or attend day services. She is treasurer of the Conrath Congregational Church and clerk of the Ladysmith-Conrath Church Council and is clerk for the Town of Grow.