Peter Williams

Daily Point of Light # 1541 Dec 30, 1999

Peter Williams is a valuable asset to the Surry County and Mount Airy City school systems. Williams is the Editor of the Mount Airy News and, for the past two years, has volunteered as a Partners in Education (P.I.E.) tutor and lunch buddy at Franklin Elementary in Surry County and Jones Elementary in the Mount Airy City school system. PIE is a mentoring program that serves the academic and social needs of at-risk children.

Williams was primarily assigned to one student at each school, but his love for children and his concern for their well-being has extended well beyond those two children. He has twice received the "Above and Beyond" award from the Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce PIE program for the many hours he has dedicated to working with children.

Recently, Williams was working with a student who he discovered needed glasses. While trying to remedy the situation, the student moved to another school system. Through William's persistence, the child received glasses with the help of his new school and a local church group. Also, Williams secured funds through a local business to help a student who was in need of dental work.

Williams planted a tree and placed a birdbath on campus in memory of a student killed in an accident. The students feel it is a special place they can go to visit their friend. On his own time, he has beautified the school campus. He has planted flowers, watered them throughout the summer months and placed a bird feeder where all students could enjoy watching the birds feed.

Williams sought parental permission to take students to purchase needed school supplies. Using personal funds, he purchased school supplies, as well as coats and shoes for several students. He also took students to the Nature Science Center and the zoo. Williams is described as reliable and a person who gives students an excellent role model for commitment. He not only uses his time and talent to be a volunteer; he uses other methods to encourage that role in others. Williams has written several editorials promoting the benefits of school volunteers for both students and the community.