Daily Point of Light # 2783 Oct 5, 2004

Rachael Lambin saw a need to educate her community about the seriousness of a condition that affects many children across the county. Lambin knows the seriousness of asthma and she created “Kids Helping Kids” with asthma (KHK).

Her younger brother who has been hospitalized many times due to respiratory problems inspired KHK. Lambin has spent in excess of 2,400 hours teaching children and adults about asthma. She also educates by writing and illustrating children’s books and creating educational events for children with asthma and their families. To date, she has raised more than $15,000 and continues to work with KHK at least 35 hours each week.

Last year, Lambin created a summer day camp for asthmatics between the ages of 4 and 16. They were able to bring their oxygen tanks and various medications and “just be like any other kid.” This innovative and informative program has grown to more than 23 youth in three states, and KHK has three camps scheduled for the coming summer.

Lambin also enjoys art and uses her talents to create artwork. These items are sold in galleries, and the proceeds from this as well as her books, go towards asthma education. Lambin and KHK also write, direct and edit asthma public service announcements (PSA’s) for local television stations.

During May of 2003 Lambin was able to go to Washington DC to promote HR-2023, which is a bill at the House of Representatives that would allow children to carry their life saving medication with them at all times. She met with Representative Juanita Millerder-McDonald of California and Nancy Sander the founder of AANMA. Lambin’s work was presented on the House floor, and she appeared on C-Span Network and is part of the Congressional record. Her work continues to impact others and the support for KHK is growing each year.