Rachel Moore

Daily Point of Light # 3892 Jan 2, 2009

Rachel Moore has been volunteering at the Red Cross for six years. She has contributed ninety-six hours each month every June, July and August and twenty hours weekly during times of disaster like the February 2007 tornado, the November 2007 tornado, Hurricane Katrina and more.

Rachel's activities have been centered on the Disaster Services program. Her duties have included serving meals from the Emergency Response Vehicles, responding to home fires with the Disaster Action Team Members and working as the copy person. The latter duty can be tedious during times of disaster, but it is extremely important. Rachel has also represented the Red Cross chapter and community disaster preparedness events and performed clerical work for the client services program.

Rachel has assisted individuals impacted by disasters recover from their traumatic experience. She has also performed key duties that allow staff and other volunteers perform their job so that client's needs can be met.

Beginning her volunteering at her own American Red Cross at the age of ten, Rachel is always willing to help and has become a local news junkie—eager to identify potential situations that could impact the community and create a need for the American Red Cross disaster assistance. She shows concern for her community and has been an outstanding ambassador for the Red Cross, assisting them in their mission of aiding those affected by disaster and helping their neighbors prepare for disaster.