RAP River Run Committee

Daily Point of Light # 5216 May 13, 2014

The RAP River Run is an annual 5K and 5-mile race held to help support and raise awareness for the RAP House Youth Shelter, a short-term youth shelter serving youth in Pasco County, Florida between the ages of 10-17. The committee is now in its seventh year of existence and has helped to raise more than $500,000 for the shelter.


In 2007, some core volunteer for the shelter decided to pull in some community constituents to discuss ways of raising needed dollars and awareness for the shelter. This initial group of individuals created the RAP River Run Committee in 2007 and it has been growing ever since. Currently, the race draws a little over 1,500 participants and spectators on race day, but more importantly has exposed the community to the issues faced by the youth served by the shelter, which in turn has sparked more interest and resources coming into the program.

Dev Staff