Daily Point of Light # 2771 Sep 17, 2004

The Mid-East Area Agency On Aging (MEAAA) South County Senior Center works to serve the elderly of St. Louis and the surrounding area. Raymond Unger has been a volunteer at the Senior Center for the past 15 years.

Mr. Unger was a volunteer at the center prior to leaving the work force and has dedicated even more time to the clients since his retirement. He has not missed a day to volunteer at the center. The only times he is not there is the few days each year he takes of to visit his daughter in Connecticut.

Mr. Unger’s responsibilities include anything that is need at the Senior Center. Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday he goes out at 5:00am to pick up donated bread and pastry from three area bakeries. He then arrives at the Senior Center by 7:30am everyday to fix coffee and set up trays to serve pastry. Mr. Unger is also available daily to deliver hot meals to the homebound senior citizens served by the Senior Center, and he even serves on Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

Mr. Unger also runs center errands, carries lunch trays for those who are unable to stand in the lunch line and carry their own tray and he helps with clean up after lunch. He also serves on the Senior Center’s Site Council and assists with fundraising. Mr. Unger provides transportation to the Senior Center as well as the bank, grocery store and other places for clients of the Senior Center.

In addition to his work with the Senior Center, Mr. Unger works at charity dinners, completes home repair and yard work for those who cannot afford to hire someone and he assists or helps people with car maintenance that they otherwise would not be able to pay for. He also makes regular clothing and toy donations to the area needy and financially helps those who are less fortunate than him.

Mr. Unger is an inspiration to those who know him and especially to the clients at the Senior Center. No matter how he feels or what is going on in his life, Unger has a smile on his face and a cheerful disposition. He works to always find the silver lining in clouds and helps others do the same. Mr. Unger is a selfless volunteer and an invaluable asset to the Senior Center and the community of St. Louis.