Daily Point of Light # 3058 Oct 25, 2005

Rebecca has donated many volunteer hours to the GC&SU Sequins and Smiles program. Sequins and Smiles is dedicated to building the self esteem of underprivileged teenage girls by providing them with beautiful formal wear for special occasions in their lives. Sequins and Smiles was created in 2003 by Rebecca to help deserving young girls look and feel like princesses by providing them with beautiful new and almost-new formal dresses, shoes, accessories and jewelry. Sequins and Smiles collects new and almost-new formal dresses and accessories as well as provides them, free of charge to Central GA high school students who are unable to purchase their own prom attire.

The idea for Sequins and Smiles came to Rebecca as she was cleaning out her closet. She had numerous beautiful bridesmaids’ gowns that she had work once and did not foresee having the occasion to wear again. The dresses were too nice to just give away – Rebecca wanted to actually see the faces of the young girls who would put them to good use. She knew many of her friends were in the same situation, and contacted friends via email with the idea, proposing that they take up a collection of dresses, shoes and other accessories. Friends forwarded on the email and before she knew it, Rebecca was receiving donations from women all across the country. Many of the women responded by telling her how nice it felt, knowing their dresses were going to be put to good use. For Rebecca, the smile on the girls’ faces makes it all worth it!

From her work with the GC&SU Sequins and Smiles Program to her passion to want to help young ladies she has helped to coordinate our Sequins and Smiles Program. She worked so hard to meet with the correct people to help make this program happen. Rebecca’s dream came true and she held the grand opening of the Sequins and Smiles closet at GC&SU. Rebecca has 5-10 student volunteers that have helped her plan this program and event.

Rebecca attends monthly meetings and represents her program well. She also attends leadership workshops and meetings so that she can become the best student coordinator she can be and to make herself and better leader. Her program has received the Student Coordinated program of the month from The GIVE Center as well as the Student Coordinator of the month. This April during volunteer appreciation month she will be named as one of the volunteers of the day.