Daily Point of Light # 1982 Sep 7, 2001

The Red Rope of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) is well known in the Daytona, Florida area. Their motto is, “First there, that others may live.” They recognized that the citizens in the area were faced with natural disasters more than other states, so the residents needed to have prepared and trained volunteers to assist. Because of this, in 1997, the Red Rope of ERAU was formed.

The Red Rope group participants receive medical certification and training in many areas. They are taught community first aid and safety, CPR for the professional rescuer, and lifeguard and first responder techniques. The group teams with the ARC to help build disaster resistant neighborhoods. These partners also go door to door to pass out disaster preparedness materials to over 1100 homes in Daytona Beach.

The Red Rope group works consistently to sustain its motto. They have increased a sense of social responsibility and heightened community awareness regarding natural disasters. This results in a higher standard of mental and physical preparedness for the Daytona community. In addition to that, the group is proactive and visits elementary schools to educate them, picks up clothing for drives, and works in soup kitchens and shelters. Students must have a GPA of 2.35 or greater and remain in good standing at ERAU to become a part of the Red Rope. They must also demonstrate commitment to constantly improving academic performance, physical fitness, and medical expertise.

The Red Rope groups is made up of energetic and enthusiastic young people who know they can make a change in the world one day at a time. These committed volunteers have touched many in Florida who suffer from the devastation of hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and floods. The pool of youth is available to give medical aid and disaster relief to help minimize loss of life and property in the Daytona community. The ability to provide immediate emergency assistance is crucial in providing a better quality of life for Floridians when dealing with a natural disaster.

The volunteers of the Red Rope group have participated in diverse capacities. In addition to donating many hours to be trained as disaster experts, they have washed buses and other disaster vehicles as well as sharing educational material with over 1200 homeowners.