Daily Point of Light # 3141 Feb 17, 2006

There are so many seniors who do so much for the Seeley Lake community. Renee Stowe is an example of a volunteer with compassion and empathy for numerous causes. She has not only people but has also helped countless pets.

Six years ago, Stowe opened not only her home but also her heart when Paws UP Safe Home began. In those six years Stowe has helped saved 400 plus dogs and 150 cats. The shelter is for lost, found and abused pets. Had Stowe’s home not been open, countless people would have suffered the terrible pain of losing a beloved pet and countless dogs and cats would have died terrible deaths.

The first four years Stowe took these dogs and cats in with no financial aid except for the donations that the community provided, which was most of the time barely enough to pay the animal’s medical expenses and for their food. Her care and devotion to comfort the lost and abused during those years also included money out of her own pocket.

Stowe helps in the education of people who adopt the pets which are relinquished. She also helps with the spay and neuter clinic, which is held in Seeley Lake. Her work is ensuring unwanted puppies and kittens are not born to enter a world where they are abused or thrown away.

One time each year, Stowe parks her old pickup on the main street in Seeley Lake and applies I.D. tags on dogs. She also records each dog and takes its picture should it turn up at the shelter. Not only are the pets helped but the many people who cannot afford pet care are assisted also.

Due to Stowe’s undying love and devotion, her community is known as a pet friendly, caring community. The abuse of pets, the ignorance of people as to the care of pets has declined 85%, as to what it was twenty years ago.

Stowe’s home is a humble log home with great fences. Inside the home are pillows, as each abused dog has a pillow stuffed with love and caring. Lost pets are recovered, thus helping so many people. Paws Up Safe Home received a letter of thanks from the county commissioners for all its work for people and pets.

Stowe has also been very instrumental in helping her daughter relocate, get reacclimated into the workplace and helping guide her grandson who is attending highschool.