Richard Miles

Daily Point of Light # 3946 Mar 19, 2009

This Richard Miles’ story of service:

“I first came across HorsePower at my college in New Hampshire. Once I got started, I found that I liked volunteering my services. What motivated me to continue volunteering at this program for all 4 years of my college career was the changes I got to see in the people riding the horses. Through my 4 years of volunteering with HorsePower I was able to work with boys who have severe ADHD and were part of a state run school program. If I had not known the boys’ history, I would swear that they were normal boys because while they were participating in the lessons, they were really calm and focused on what they needed to do. I also worked with in my last year of service a small girl who is autistic. Through my work with her, I was able to see her become more involved in the world around her and not just her own world.

As a volunteer with HorsePower, I was in charge of many different areas. My duties ranged from grooming and tacking the horses to being involved with the lessons as either a side walker or a leader. As a side walker, it was my responsibility to make sure that the rider was comfortable and secure. As a leader it was my responsibility to lead the horses in the rings during the lessons. I was also the Coordinator for this particular program for 3 years. I continue to keep in touch with past service members as well as current service members.

I view my 4 years of service through HorsePower as a life changing experience because of what I saw during my service period as a volunteer. When I share my story of service with through HorsePower to people that are interested in hearing about my years of service they are always left speechless because of this story and the amazement of the changes that I witnessed first-hand. I believe that it was because of my 4 years of service through HorsePower that I decided to become involved in the national service program AmeriCorps where I currently serve as a Volunteer Coordinator for Social Capital Inc. in Woburn, MA.”