Richard Wachenheim

Daily Point of Light # 3786 Aug 7, 2008

Richard is a Resource Management Regional Steward who was able to make spectacular strides on several new programs or systems by implementing district wide events where volunteers were scheduled and trained, including National Public Lands Day, Make a Difference Day, WTTW and Eagle Scout projects. He also is instrumental in the upgrading and implementation of training opportunities and conference attendance for volunteers. He monitors a very successful volunteer bulletin board that helps to get information out to the entire volunteer workforce. He has trained a volunteer to take supervisory capacity at event events.

A relatively new initiative—Service Learning Opportunities with Colleges—inspires students to take action that will make a lasting improvement to their community and enrich their personal and academic life. The Forest Preserves Service learning program helps the student make Service-Learning a meaningful, educational and character building experience in a way that the students work together to make real change in the community. The student is given the opportunity to document and evaluate the success of their Service-Learning project and help the student combine academic learning with service to the community. Richard is on the ground level to the final experience of the student. Another initiative—Corporate Sponsorships of programs and services—endeavors to create an atmosphere of stewardship in the community. The Forest Preserve corporate sponsorship program helps business find a meaningful way to incorporate their educational or environmental mission components to that make a real difference in the community. Programs and services were either sponsored in monetary, goods or services. Again Richard is in on the process form beginning to end.