Rick Kelson

Daily Point of Light # 4987 May 6, 2013

Rick Kelson attended his first meeting as a member of the KaBOOM! Board of Advisors in 2008 and from that moment, his incredible work ethic, passion, leadership and commitment help propel the organization in achieving new heights in realizing its vision of a great place to play within walking distance of every child in America. Since joining the board, Rick has helped KaBOOM! guide communities across North America in building more than 750 playgrounds with more than 150,000 volunteers with those playgrounds serving 1.2 million children. Via our online tools, thousands of additional communities have built playgrounds across the world, and Rick deserves a significant amount of credit for KaBOOM!’s enormous global impact in these last four-plus years. His unwavering commitment to KaBOOM! stems from the simple fact that he has always been a family man. As the former CFO of a Fortune 50 company, Rick could serve on nearly any board of any corporation or non-profit in the country, but he chooses to devote his time and talent to KaBOOM! because he understands the importance of play in the development of children and wants to help ensure that every child has access to a safe and engaging play space.

Dev Staff