Rite of Passage Colorado Qualifying House

Daily Point of Light # 4662 Dec 21, 2011

For several years the students at the Colorado Rite of Passage Qualifying house (Q-House) have gone above and beyond in providing volunteer services to the community. These are youth that have made mistakes in the past and have proven they have so much to offer as part of the community.
When the Georgetown, Colorado’s official website, displayed a notice advising residents of an alert related to the water main break due to the excessive snowmelt and high water, the town contacted the Q-House requesting emergency assistance. The Q-House students responded and set-up water filling stations throughout the community and handed out flyers to every household. The students delivered 3,600 gallons of water to residents.
Residents had clean water, community members participated in a well-staffed event, rescued animals received care, disabled veterans were able to compete in sporting activities, the community observed compassion exhibited by youth, the youth had the opportunity to honor those who fought for our country’s freedom and played a part in historical awareness and documentation. The youth seem to also be impacted by the services they provide.
Although the students were formerly adjudicated youth, their community service activities are not ordered by the courts. This is why the students at the Q-House are Daily Points of Light.