Robert Brown

Daily Point of Light # 3587 Nov 2, 2007

Bishop Robert Brown has rendered outstanding support the community and the City of Montgomery.

Bishop Brown’s devotion is instrumental in the safety of the community. He has been the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator for over four years. On his watch, crime in the community has been one of the lowest around the city.

Bishop Brown has devoted his time toward the safety of our community but he has taken on safety in the city arena. He is an active participant in the Volunteer in Police Services (VIPS). His duties range in patrolling the communities to answering trouble calls at the Montgomery Police Department. This is not an easy undertaking, yet he has taken it in stride and he’s doing an outstanding job.

Bishop Brown has established a community wide food bank. His efforts have been a life line for many in the community and others around the city of Montgomery.

During the Christmas Holiday season he devotes his efforts to the Toys for Tots Campaign. He leads the way in ensuring that those who are less fortunate have a joyous Christmas season with the toys from Toys for Tots and the support of the Food Bank.