Robert Whiteside, Jr.

Daily Point of Light # 3663 Feb 18, 2008

Robert Whiteside, Jr., is currently a Foster Grandparent Volunteer through Kids Hope United. Through this program, Robert spends time in the school system with children who are at risk. Robert offers himself as a very strong and positive role model for the children he serves through the Mt. Vernon District #80 school district. Robert is a spiritual person in his personal life as well as in his dealings with the children, faculty of District #80, and the other Foster Grandparent Volunteers. Robert has been able to get things done that many have not, due to his demeanor and character.

During the summer months, Robert has been very instrumental in aiding District #80 in implementing their Seamless Summer Feeding Program. Robert oversaw the feeding of over 11,000 meals to children who would not normally receive a hot meal or even a meal. Robert has taken it upon himself to make sure each distribution site ran smoothly and the communication flowed smoothly. In fact, Robert put the program before his own needs. When traveling to Tennessee, he realized one site would be without coverage that day. Instead of contacting someone else, he turned around and came back to cover the site.

Within the building where Robert volunteers, there are additional Foster Grandparent Volunteers. Robert has become the leader of these volunteers even though he is one of the new kids on the block. He inspires them to continue to volunteer to help the children of District #80 as well as the community. Robert believes every child is the community’s child, and it takes everyone to ensure their future. Robert is known as PaPa Robert at the school.