Daily Point of Light # 3085 Dec 1, 2005

Roberta Katz has been supportive of the Jewish Home and Care Center for more than 20 years, acting as volunteer and facilitating projects that enhance the lives of the residents. She has served as Treasurer of Hand In Hand, President, and as a board member of the Jewish Home and Care Center and Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation. Katz volunteered in the Home’s Gift Shop and Soda Shop, and she and Hand In Hand Board members take special pride in delivering gifts to campus residents on Chanukah. She also visits the campus on Christmas Day with her husband Elliott and others to provide special treats for staff working on that holiday.

As is often case, those willing to lead an organization are in short supply. When it appeared that there would be no leadership for Hand In Hans, Katz, together with a small group of past Chairwomen of the Board, made the exceptional commitment to serve another term as a Co-Chair and to extend her service on the Board of Directors. This would be remarkable by itself, but when one knows that Katz has also continued her long-term volunteer position as Treasurer, you begin to see her commitment in its true light.

Katz has made tremendous contributions to the lives of the older adults served at the Jewish Home and Care Center, both as a direct service volunteer and as a lay leader. She and the other members of the Hand In Hand board conceived and implemented the visionary grant program, which allows Hand In Hand to financially support special programs created by Jewish Home and Care Center department heads. At this time, Hand In Hand is supporting a program that welcomes each new resident with a card and flowers, the weekly ceramics program, the monthly birthday parties, Purim and Chanukah celebration, and the Home’s Gift Shop. Under her leadership, Hand In Hand also purchased an Aviary for the lobby, which is enjoyed by residents, staff and guests every day. Hand In Hand not only paid for this wonderful addition to the facility, but also is paying for its regular upkeep.

While her work for Hand In Hand isn’t Katz’s full-time job, it certainly could be! Not only does she pay the bills, but she also processes hundreds of membership checks each year. In addition, Katz attends meetings, and can regularly be found visiting at the Jewish Home and Care Center and Chai Point Retirement Center. She is a tireless advocate for the residents and never hesitates to go the extra mile. In addition to her work with the Jewish Home and Care Center, Katz is an active member of the Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study, the Blood Center of Southeastern Wisconsin, State of Israel Bonds and the Society of Jewish Learning.