Rodney Cruise

Daily Point of Light # 4602 Sep 27, 2011

Rodney Cruise is a member of the Halifax Habitat for Humanity board of directors and fundraising committee co-chair. In addition, he hosted the Annual Celebration of Hope Event in June 2010 for the third year in a row.
Rodney directly impacted the quality of life for families served by Habitat for Humanity, by supporting the build of three different homes in 2010. Of the three homes, one in particular stands out. The Spirit of Hope which houses homeless families. They were able to access immediate services through the United Way and Halifax Urban Ministries and secure transitional housing through Family Renew Community. Their journey to homeownership through Habitat for Humanity was directly impacted by the support and generosity of Rodney. He and his associates at Sodexo provided generous support towards the construction, fundraising and dedication of the home.
Rodney helped bring together community agencies, allowing resources to be used and form partnerships that can further support future efforts, all resulting in greater services and resources for the community. What makes his volunteer activities outstanding is his incredible spirit and initiative, combined with a seemingly limitless generosity. He uses his resources to continually widen the circle of support that Halifax Habit for Humanity has in the community. This is why Rodney is a Daily Point of Light.