Daily Point of Light # 3088 Dec 6, 2005

Ronald Strickland is the spouse of the Volunteer Coordinator in the Army Community Service Center (ACS) and volunteers for almost all events in the Directorate of Community & Family Activities. These include but are not limited to the Installation Family Day 5-K Run, the Army Emergency Relief Golf Funding Raising, and Thanksgiving and Christmas Feed the Soldiers Efforts, where he helps to prepare, serve the soldiers and clean-up after the event.

Strickland has also joined the ACS team members to serve as the volunteer driver for short and long-distance trips to Military Deployment Units within the community so that the ACS staff can conduct briefings for military troops -National Guards and Reserves- and their families. One night the staff got back from a long-distance trip with him at about 11:30 p.m. and staff members did not get home until about 12mid-night, having to return to work the following day at 6 a.m. Strickland has also been observed providing volunteer time in the Army Community Service office to move, install and organize file cabinets. There is no job too hard or too small that he has not been willing to provide assistance with in order to make a contribution to helping soldiers and their families.

In addition, Strickland does not limit his volunteer services to the military. He also consistently provides volunteer help to the general community through Anniston Army Depot Day of Caring program to help community providers such as the American Red Cross. Strickland has also provided volunteer assistance to the Anniston Army Depot/Morale Welfare & Recreation Program Annual Table Tennis Tournaments. Since he has been serving as a volunteer, Strickland has donated approximately 500 hours of volunteer time.